At Zenith Experience we only work with local companies which care for, protect and work in the interests of the local area. These are companies which respect the regional landscape, the fauna and flora, the local inhabitants, the culture, the gastronomy and those idiosyncrasies unique to the area. They also act as drivers for progress and improving the quality of life of the locals.

Here, we briefly introduce the individuals and organisations responsible on a daily basis for helping to turn the Zenith Experience project into a reality in the Montsec region.

cata vinos lleida


Castell del Remei is a centenary wine cellar situated in an historical estate from the denomination of Origin Costers del Segre, where the first vestiges of agricultural activity date back to 1780. Also, is the first Catalan winery built according to the Bordeaux model surrounded by vineyards. The winery is nourished from the grapes grown on the property and it’s led by its owner the wine maker Tomàs Cusiné, recognized oenologist and considered one of the best wine assemblers.

parc astronomic del Montsec


Montsec enjoys exceptional conditions for astronomical observation both for meteorological reasons and because of the low light pollution. In 2012, it was declared a Starlight Tourist Destination, a certification which identifies the Montsec sky as one of the best in the world to observe the rest of the universe and enjoy the starlight.



The Mas García Muret winery is located on a farm dating back to 1756. The farm is surrounded by 70 hectares of land, of which 19 are planted with vines and the rest with almond trees, olives trees and cereals. The winery is responsible for the production and commercialisation of high quality wines that combine tradition and modernity, adopting methods such as harvesting by hand whilst also utilising the most modern processing technologies.

botigues museu


The Museum at Salàs adopts a less common approach with an absorbing atmosphere created by the inclusion of a number period shops and the display of goods for daily consumption dating from the second industrial revolution (in the second half of the nineteenth century) to the final days of Francoism (in the late 1970s).

Formatges Vilavella de la región del Montsec


The Vilavella cheesery works exclusively with organic dairy goat milk produced on site. They currently produce up to a total of 8 different artisan goat cheeses, which are in the process of being officially labelled as authentic organic production. They also produce and sell walnuts, grapes, honey, cottage cheese, oil and wine.

Castell Encus de la región del Montsec


This is the story of land which has been reclaimed and returned to its original use. With the mission of producing high quality wines, 23 hectares of terrain were densely planted with vines and then the strict criteria of organic farming were followed. The medieval farm where the winery is located has several fermentation vats carved in stone by the Hospital Brothers of St. Anthony, a feature that serves to further increase the uniqueness of these wines.

terrer de pallars


Within the medieval village of Figuerola d’Orcau, the wineries are located in a building dating from 1703 with walls of stone and rock. The vines are planted at an altitude of 650 metres in a calcareous soil and benefit greatly from the continental climate. The Conca d’Orcau wine (a barrel-fermented white wine using only Macabeo grapes) and Conca de Tremp (a red crianza made using Merlot and Cabernet grape varieties) are the star products from the vineyards.



The París Butcher’s is managed by a master pork butcher who uses traditional methods. The products we offer our customers are prime-quality and are made by us. Many of them are traditional ones, although we also sell numerous innovative items, including different types of fillings and stuffing, special burgers, meat pies and multi-coloured cold meat products.

We import and distribute the hang gliding and paragliding brands